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Transforming the way the world interacts with information. 


Our revolutionary viewing platform unlocks the power and depth of multiple synched camera angles, providing an unrivaled user experience.



The True Stream Media Companies improve the way knowledge is transferred for training & education, marketing, sales enablement, customer satisfaction and supply chain efficiency. Our solutions help our client partners to truly differentiate themselves through superior communication and visibility.

Med World Live


Our state of the art video technology, web-based platform and mobile apps allow our clients to host and stream all of their educational and marketing collateral from a central and readily accessible location so their users have the material they need at their fingertips 24/7, on-demand. Multiple camera angles capture every aspect of a product, technique or procedure to increase visual understanding and improve outcomes. This dynamic video content is delivered through our portal along with supporting documentation, external links, related video clips, marketing collateral and compliance messages. The viewing environment is completely controlled by the user, customizing the experience for their individual learning needs. This multi-sensory interaction improves teaching outcomes and increases information retention to yield better and more consistent results.